Volcanic activity continues in La Palma. | Europa Press


Almost a month on from the first eruptions, Friday evening data from the European Union's Copernicus satellite system established that 1,835 constructions/buildings had been destroyed in La Palma.

The data on Friday indicated that 753.8 hectares had been affected, the continuing spread of the lava having meant that 14 hectares were affected in a period of under seven hours. Copernicus updates were at 1.10pm and 7.56pm on Friday.

Overnight on Saturday, the National Geographic Institute's volcanic surveillance network detected 42 earthquakes associated with the eruptions in the Cumbre Vieja range. A dozen of these registered over three on the mbLg magnitude scale, with the maximum having been 4.3.

During Saturday, 90 earthquakes were detected, the strongest having been 4.6.