Police at Visit Mallorca Estadi concert, Palma. | Corrales

Large numbers of National Police Officers are being deployed to cultural, sports events leisure events, festivals and large concerts to make sure people behave.

More than 50 Officers were on duty Visit Mallorca Estadi, where a music festival was being held and there was also a large Police presence at the Freestyle World Tour show.

Their main objective was to avoid a repeat of what happened a few months ago when images of drunken kids lying on the floor at a concert at the bullring went viral.

More than 20,000 spectators attended concerts and sporting events last week and there were no incidents.

The Head of Private Security for the National Police, Alfredo Rodríguez supervised the operations, which included Grupo Kaizen, Operational Response Group, Rayos, UPR Riot Control Officers, Palma Local Police, the Green Patrol and Government Tourism Inspectors.