The National Police took charge of the investigation. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The cases of four men accused of the gang rape of an underage girl are to go to trial in January after the defence and prosecution failed to reach an agreement at a hearing at Palma's Provincial Court on Friday.

The Prosecutor's Office is calling for sentences totalling 240 years plus seven in the case of one of the four, who is also accused of having attempted to sell the girl into prostitution.

The events date back to January 2016 and to the home of one of the defendants in Palma. The prosecution maintains that the young men forced a door open and told the girl that she should have sex with all of them. The girl refused but ended up having multiple sexual relations out of fear and due to the impossibility of defending herself.

The resident of the property is accused of having offered to "sell" the girl for 1,000 euros to a fifth defendant in order to prostitute her. They allegedly reached an agreement to share the profits. However, the girl did not become a prostitute, and there is currently a warrant out for the arrest of this fifth individual.

The prosecution says that the girl, who was under 16 at the time of the events, was left in a state of shock after the multiple rape and that she has received psychological treatment. As well as rape, the prosecution is stressing the aggravating factors of humiliating treatment and the joint action of several people.

In addition to the prison sentences, the prosecution is seeking 100,000 euros compensation to the victim for moral damages plus a fine of 8,000 euros for the defendant who offered to sell the girl.