Tiger mosquito. archive photo. | Europa Press

Every year on All Saints’ Day, thousands of people make their way to cemeteries all over Spain to put flowers on the graves of family members and friends, but unfortunately that makes them the perfect breeding ground for tiger mosquitos.

To prevent that happening people are being advised not to put their bouquets of flowers in vases with water or leave water sitting in plant trays. Instead put a sponge that’s been soaked in water in the bottom of the vase to keep the stems moist.

If artificial flowers are being used, it’s best to pierce a hole in the pots to prevent stop rain water collecting inside and it’s also advisable not to put dishes under pots and ornamental plants.

To reduce the chance of tiger mosquitos depositing their eggs, water should never be left to stand in any kind of receptacle in gardens or on patios.

All Saints’ Day is on November 1.