Son Reus Volunteer, Marga García. | Ultima Hora

Son Reus kennel desperately needs more volunteers to walk and play with the dogs. Ten volunteers are needed every day, but at the moment the kennel only has one or two.

The problem arose when Son Reus changed its enrolment procedure.

“After the confinement, instead of being open to the public without any restrictions, volunteers had to do a course, register and request dates in advance,” explains Son Reus Peluditos Association President, Loretta Falasco.

Those changes have discouraged so many volunteers that the procedures have been modified again, in the hope of encouraging more people to get involved.

From now on it won’t be necessary to go on a course. Those who want to walk the dogs just need to follow three steps.

1. Go to Palma City Council and complete an Application form for Volunteer work at Son Reus.

2. Download the volunteer agreement from the kennel website, print it and sign it. These two documents must be presented at the kennel, along with a photocopy of your NIE or DNI.

3. Use the provided by Son Reus to book dates to walk the animals.

The hours are as follows:

09:00-13:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
09:00-17:00 on Thursday
09:00-12:00 on Saturday

Son Reus has four parks for walking dogs on a leash and closed areas where the animals can run free and play.

Marga García is one of the oldest volunteers and she's has been going to Son Reus 3 times a week since 2016. “The dogs wait for you, they love you and they give you everything for nothing and you get hooked,” she says. “It forces you to leave the house and socialise. You enter a new dynamic, connect with animals, people and nature and you feel useful.”