No reasons not to fly to Mallorca next year. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


There was some good news for short haul travellers in the UK today, although those planning long haul flights are going to be slapped with a higher APD air passenger duty, much to the anger of the tourist and airline industries.

However, Britons planning domestic or short haul flights to destinations such as Mallorca will not be hit in the pocket by the APD increase announced by the chancellor.
Rishi Sunak said the government is making changes to reduce carbon emissions from aviation - but by focusing on long-haul flights.

“Most emissions come from international rather than domestic aviation,” he said, “so I’m introducing, from April 2023, a new ultra long haul band in Air Passenger Duty covering flights of over 5,500 miles, with an economy rate of £91.”
He says less than 5% of passengers will pay more, but “those who fly furthest will pay the most”.

The Balearics falls in Band A which means APD will be charged at £13, £26 and £78 depending on Reduced, Standard or Higher rate from April 1 next year, meaning no increase from the current APD rates for flying between the UK and the islands. The bands depend on class booked and, in case of private charters jets, the size.