Soller oranges, distinctive of the Tramuntana.


The Council of Mallorca is completing procedures to establish the Serra de Tramuntana mark.

The European Union has certain requirements that need to be met, while the Council is finalising agreement with the regional ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food. Once the procedures are concluded, the mark (or brand) will be used to promote products from the Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site.

Maria Antònia Garcías, the councillor for territory, says that as well as indicating the place where products come from, the mark will show that these products are in accordance with the maintenance, conservation and protection of the mountains. Garcías stresses the importance of ensuring the proper use of the brand "as a guarantee of recognition of prestige".

Rights to use the mark will be based on agreements between the Council and farm owners and producers. Model agreements will be drawn up over the next couple of months. The Council has, meanwhile, registered the trademark.