One of the detained. | Javier Jiménez


"This cannot be repeated." The words of President Armengol in reference to Friday's major security alert at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport.

Twenty-three people on board an Air Arabia Maroc flight that made an emergency landing at the airport because of a faked medical emergency left the plane. No official statement has yet been made to this effect, but there seems little doubt that this was an organised attempt at illegal immigration. The person who claimed to have been ill has been charged by the National Police with facilitating illegal immigration.

As of midday Saturday, 12 people had been detained. They include some who were intercepted by the Guardia Civil as they attempted to climb over the perimeter fence.

President Armengol said on Twitter that everyone felt the same - there can be no repetition of this. In this regard, she added: "It is necessary for the competent authorities to review their protocols to guarantee the safety of all and the mobility of residents and visitors."

The Balearic government has no responsibility for the airport.