Lack of bottles is symptomatic of other supply shortages. | Teresa Ayuga


Shortage of supplies and consequent price increases are affecting Mallorca's agriculture as they are other sectors. For the wine industry, there is specific alarm at the lack of supply of bottles. The general secretary of the Farmers Union, Sebastià Ordines, says that "we cannot bottle as much wine as we should".

There are worries about having the necessary bottles for Santa Maria's Festa del Vi Novell (nouveau wine) at the end of November. "I ordered them three months ago and they can't assure me that I will have them."

José Luis Roses of the Binissalem DO designation of origin regulatory council says that there are different factors, one of these being that France, the world's second largest wine producer, has this year almost tied with the first, Italy. "They had never sold as much as this year, and this has triggered demand."

The president of the Pla i Llevant DO, Antoni Bennàssar, says that bottle makers stopped manufacturing during the pandemic. "There is now a lot of demand and it is not known if this will be fulfilled." In addition, there is the rise in the price of glass, which in 2022 is forecast to be between 14 and 30 per cent.