Police & Air Arabia Maroc plane at Palma Airport. | Cati Cladera/EFE


Police believe some of the 12 Palma plane escapees who are still on the run bought tickets for a boat to Valencia.

A massive search operation was launched on Friday night after 24 Moroccan men fled from an Air Arabia Maroc Airbus A320 that made an emergency landing in Palma when a man allegedly pretended to be very ill.

Investigators are also looking into why the pilot chose to return to Morocco when the plane was authorised to leave Mallorca instead of continuing on to Istanbul as planned.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have prepared a raft of questions about the chain of errors and security failures that allowed the men to escape in the first place.

"How is it possible for them to buy a boat ticket in the Port of Palma, when was the search order issued?” thundered PP Vice-Secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos. “It damages the image of our country."

The 12 other escapees were caught by Police and have been jailed.