Drama at Palma airport. | CATI CLADERA


"It was the lack of information which was concerning," said a British passsenger at Palma airport on Friday night who was an eye-witness to the unfolding drama of a plane landing at the airport as a result of an alleged medical emergency which led to the escape of an estimated 24 North Africans.

"I was in the 2nd row and you could tell from the head of the crew who was making announcements that he deeply troubled, possibly only because he had to keep control of a plane during COVID-19," she said.

"One didn't know if it was some escaped Magalluf pranksters having a lark, but as the news leaked through the situation was actually very serious," she told Bulletin online this morning.

"Thank goodness the situation was eventually sorted out, from what we know. All a little too close for comfort...."

At least 12 people on the flight managed to escape police and have reportedly left the island while a major investigation has been launched by the airport authorities.