Iago Negueruela, speaking in parliament on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey


In parliament on Tuesday, tourism minister Iago Negueruela stressed that the Balearic government will next year be returning to the "transformation agenda" for tourism that was in place prior to the pandemic, but that this will now be with the aid of European funds.

These funds, he explained, include "a significant amount" for the region's tourism matters. Along with the private sector, there will be transformation actions "in the main mature resorts" as well as implementation of the circular economy.

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Idoia Ribas of Vox asked Negueruela about cruise ships in Palma, drawing attention to Podemos Palma spokesperson, Jesús Jurado, having said that cruise ships are not part of the city's tourism model. Ribas accused the government of "tourismphobia" and criticised its "crazy plan" to demonise cruise ships.

Negueruela explained that the government will be complying with the agreement between the parties that comprise the government to regulate cruise tourism and "to make it more orderly".

The minister added that "much of the sector" also believes that it is necessary to regulate this type of tourism, so that a certain number of ships do not all arrive at the same time.