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The spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Dr. Javier Arranz, said on Wednesday that he did not rule out there being a recommendation to reintroduce restrictions over the Christmas holidays in order to stop the spread of Covid. This would be possible, he suggested, "if we see that a new wave is going to come over that period".

As to types of restriction, they would be some that were applied previously, such as "reducing some type of capacity or some type of gathering". There again, "maybe it could be good to encourage vaccination in some way". One measure would therefore be the need for the Covid passport in order to enter restaurants.

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However, Arranz is optimistic. If the weekly increase in infections remains at 11%, it is possible that a sixth wave will not occur. But this will largely depend on what happens at key times in the coming weeks - Black Friday, the early December holiday and then Christmas.

"The fact is that social behaviour will determine whether we are really going to enter a new wave or not."