Sale sign in shop. | Jaume Morey


In the last twelve months 447,362 Balearic residents have bought goods online and the associations that represent small retailers are demanding that the Government force companies such as Amazon to pay tax.

“The arrival of online companies such as Amazon is going to end all trade in Mallorca and destroy around 27,000 jobs, which is terrible for the Balearic economy because they don’t pay municipal or regional taxes and they will destroy small and medium and large businesses in the Islands,” said ADED President, Bartomeu Servera.

The Government has promised to closely monitor the transport and distribution of goods from large multinationals.

Amazon has set up in polígono Son Morro but it does not comply with the limits that large companies are subject to in the Balearic Islands,” claims General Director of Comerç, Miquel Piñol.

“Large online commerce don’t benefit us, especially the Technology and Toy Sectors,” explains Pimeco President, Toni Fuster. “We simply demand that online companies that come to the Balearics comply with current regulations and pay local taxes.”

Fuster also announced that his employers have signed up with the online distributor, ‘Pecolo’ in order to compete with Amazon.

"We currently have more than 60 companies on the waiting," he said.

"These multinationals must play by the same rules and pay taxes, because all they do is create precarious employment and their business model only benefits a few,” states Afedeco President, Antoni Gayà.

The Mallorca Chamber of Commerce President, Antoni Mercant is demanding that the Government carry out more work inspections and force multinationals to pay tax in the Balearic Islands.