Will Mallorca recover all the 2.4 million UK tourists that there were in 2019? | Miquel À. Cañellas


Francesc Mateu Aguiló, director of the Balearic government's tourism strategy agency, Aetib, says that the Balearics will next year recover all the British tourists who have been lost to the pandemic and that the Balearics "will lead tourist recovery in Spain".

Mateu made this statement during a Thursday appearance before parliament's tourism committee and he based it on conclusions drawn at the World Travel Market in London last week. "The interest in travelling to the Balearic Islands remains intact," he stressed.

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The fair, he added, was "very satisfactory" from a Balearics point of view. "Very positive feelings" had emerged.

Mateu pointed out that promotion to address seasonality will continue. This will seek to extend the season beyond the summer months and to promote alternative tourism to the sun and beach model.

* In 2019, the Balearics attracted 3,748,976 UK tourists - Mallorca 2,430,087; Minorca 483,714; Ibiza-Formentera 835,175.