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Several Sectors in Mallorca are struggling to cope with rising prices and supply problems, according to a survey carried out by PIMEM.

"The logistics of reactivating production after the paralysis caused by Covid is causing delivery delays and a shortage of key raw materials, which is driving up prices in certain industries,” says PIMEM President Jordi Mora.

Oil Products

“The supply chain will be reactivated in the second half of 2022 and we believe that there is a speculative factor, because what is wanted is to recover the money lost during the pandemic,” adds Association of Oil Product Distributors President, Rafel Matas.


“There are many works paralysed by the increase in prices and the uncertainty is making companies reluctant to start some projects," explains Construïm Association President Toni Garí. "Chemicals are taking an average of one month to arrive and the price of construction materials has gone up by more than 50%."

Fashion & Trade

Companies in the Fashion and Trade Sector are also finding the high costs and delivery delays tough to handle.

“Raw materials have become very expensive and transportation is unstable, so there is a lot of uncertainty,” says PIMEM Executive Committee member, Miquel Àngel Mateu.


“The price of coffee will rise at the beginning of the year,” predicts Coffee Roasters Association President, Toni Vallaneras.


"We are affected by the rise in price for raw materials and fuel for companies that provide repair services,” admits Association of Repairmen, Installers & Maintenance of Automatic Doors Chairman, Rafel Sotomayor.

International Logistics

“It directly affects us because we have to pay the shipping companies within 30 days and we only invoice them when the product has been delivered to the customer,” says
Maria Canals, Commercial delegate of TVS SCS International Freight & International logistics at PIMEM.