The Es Milà wind farm in Minorca. | Archive


The Balearics commitment to renewable sources of energy lies firmly with solar. There are other sources, but the ministry for energy transition does not as yet have any requests for wind or tidal energy.

For wind energy to be viable, the ministry explains that places are needed where "wind is continuous and generates enough force to have this type of renewable source". There are only two areas said to meet this need - the Tramuntana Mountains and the north of Minorca.

The Tramuntana are completely ruled out because the mountains are a protected area and a Unesco World Heritage Site. As for the north of Minorca, the minister for energy transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes, acknowledges that the area "could be a pioneer in marine energy". "We have to take advantage of all the resources at our disposal in order to generate energy. Any sources other than photovoltaic should not be ruled out in diversifying renewables in the Balearic Islands, but they will have to be reviewed and monitored project by project to verify their viability and efficiency."

As to tidal energy, the government notes that there isn't sufficient strength from waves for this type of project. Nevertheless, technological advances for situations where there are comparatively few waves are making energy production possible.

For the ministry, renewable energy principally means solar, "but we should not underestimate other alternatives".

The only wind farm in the Balearics at present is Es Milà in Mahon, Minorca. It was built between 2003 and 2004 and comprises four wind turbines.