Christmas under way in Palma. | Pere Bota


The Christmas lights are up and ready in Palma and now a welcome lull in the atrocious weather in the capital has given City Council employees the chance to put up the Christmas tree in Parc de la Mar.

It’s always a super-popular attraction, especially for families who like to tour the city centre to see the Christmas lights then make their way to Parc de la Mar to have their photo taken beside the tree in front of the Cathedral.

Palma Christmas tree construction.

Palma City Council added the new Parc de la Mar tree last year when the pandemic was still raging, because the wide open space prevented crowding.

The tree is 23 metres high and has a 3 m2 interior passage, which unfortunately had to be closed last year to stop too many people from gathering inside.

The Christmas lights will be switched on next Wednesday, November 24, but unlike other years, it will be done from the Palma Town Hall and no events are planned on the night.