Freight transporters in Palma port. | Europa Press


Transporters have called a nationwide strike on December 20, 21 and 22 and Association of Distributors of Food, Beverages & Cleaning Products President, Bartolomé Servera has warned that some products might not be available in the Balearics if people start stockpiling early for Christmas.

The main reason for the protest is the soaring price of fuel and Servera says he agrees with the carriers’ demands, pointing out that the companies are shouldering all the extra costs.

"There are millions of containers stranded in ports around the world and there’s a shortage of microchips, which are key in technological products and in strategic Sectors, such as the Automotive Industry in Spain,” he said. “There’s also a shortage of products from Asia, especially Japanese and Thai food which are in high demand.”

Prices have tripled because of the shortages and some distributors don’t even know what the costs will be until the goods arrive.

Servera is urging the Government to negotiate with the carriers in order to avoid strike action on December 20, 21 and 22.

“I have reproached the enormous dependence that the rest of the world has on China,” adds Servera. "We have entrusted China to manufacture everything.”