Warning of speed radar in Palma, Mallorca

Over 90,000 speeding fines so far in 2021.

19-11-2021Teresa Ayuga

Palma town hall has issued 250,557 fines for speeding and other traffic violations so far this year, 71% more than in 2019 and more than double the number last year.

On Friday, the councillor for mobility, Francesc Dalmau, explained that the Palma radars have so far issued 90,234 fines for speeding. These equate to 10,641,300 euros. Since March, when three new speed control points came into operation, 118,435 speeding infringements have been detected, an average of 1,044 per day.

Dalmau clarified that these must later be confirmed by the traffic control room. This is why the figure drops to 90,234. In 2020, when there were months of greatly reduced mobility, speed radars imposed 1,369 penalties for speeding, amounting to 160,900 euros.

For entering Acire restricted access areas without permission, there have been 153,809 fines so far this year - 13.8 million euros. In 2019, there were 142,848 fines (12.8 million euros). Last year, there were 106,584 fines (9.5 million euros).

For skipping a red light, there have been 6,317 fines (1.26 million euros). Last year the figure was higher, with 6,692 fines (1.34 million euros), and there were 2,488 in 2019 (497,600 euros). There is only one so-called red box at present. It is on C. Manacor and was installed in September 2019.

Taking the three together, there have been 250,557 fines for an amount of 25,772,110 euros. Dalmau explained that this is not the revenue that the town hall finally receives as there is a 50% discount for prompt payment, while many people appeal fines and sometimes win their cases.


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Gabriel / Hace 2 months

Of course you get so much money out of speeding tickets when you convert a highway into a road with lower speed limit than a national road...it makes no sense


Mark / Hace 2 months

If they make the max speed 20km an hour, it will rain even more fines. 30km/hr is just ludicrous. You can't even drive safely anymore, as you are concentrating on your speedo the whole time. Same on the ring of Palma. I find it actually tyring to stick to 80-85km/hr. I hope we get a PP/Vox government, so all these silly rules get scrapped.


o / Hace 2 months

For drivers skippimg red lights they could easily fine 100.000 every day.