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The orooleum.com website which is part of an investigation into alleged fraud has been shut down.

Three people were arrested earlier this week in connection with the scam, including a well-known businessman known as P.G., who has been accused of mixing his Oro Oleum brand of oil with inferior products in the basement of his Marratxí villa and selling it as extra virgin or organic olive oil.

When buyers called Police in January saying they were suspicious about the quality of the oil, Seprona Agents launched an investigation and followed the defendant for weeks to find out who he was meeting, where he worked and if any other people were involved in the fraud.

Police took video and photographs of items found in the defendants’ home as evidence of alleged illegal activity and reportedly confiscated 4,000 litres of olive oil which had been mixed with low quality oil.

The defendant has allegedly made significant amounts of money from selling bottles and cans of Oro Oleum, which was advertised as organic, superior quality extra virgin olive oil.