Leopoldo Navarro, Director of Port Security (centre) with Officers in Puerto Portals. | R.S.


Puerto Portals is now one of the safest ports in Spain, thanks to the Guardia Civil, National and Local Police and the private security team in the port who have reduced the level of crime in the area to zero.

“We are very happy with the work that’s been done and the results speak for themselves. We are going to close the year with not one single robbery at facilities, premises or boats,” says Leopoldo Navarro, Director of Port Security. “Behind this data there is a whole team working and coordinating with the State Security Forces.”

Guards and Assistants carry out constant patrols at our facilities, collaborate with the Guardia Civil in Calvia and document border controls with the CNP and they work like the machinery of a Swiss watch.”

The so-called ‘Rolex gang’ was arrested recently, thanks to collaboration between the National Police and the Guardia Civil and CCTV footage.