Many hotels for sale in the Balearics. |


Despite the gradual recovery of Spain's tourism industry, the property website Idealista points to a 16% increase in the number of hotels for sale over the past twelve months.

As of November 15, there were 653 hotel establishments for sale. A year ago, there were 564. In the coastal regions, the engine of the national hotel market, the increase has been greater - by 25% from 379 to 474.

Just over half of the hotels for sale are in three regions - Andalusia 143, Catalonia 114 and the Balearics 73. Next come Castile and León (61), Valencia (52) and the Canaries (49).

The greatest increase in the number of hotels for sale has been in the Canaries - 24 more than a year ago - followed by Andalusia with 21 more, Valencia (16 more) and the Balearics with 14 more.