Testing in Mallorca

Test rate over five per cent.


The Tuesday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 235 new positive cases of coronavirus, 156 more than were reported on Monday and the highest since August 21, when there were 284 cases. Of the 235, 177 are in Mallorca, 41 are in Minorca and 17 are in Ibiza.

The Monday report gave 79 new cases, of which 76 were in Mallorca, two were in Minorca and one was in Ibiza. As ever, the Monday cases tend to be lower because there is less testing. The Tuesday report confirms this difference. The test rate for the 235 cases is in fact lower (5.50%) than it was on Monday (6.10%).

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics has risen from 171.7 on Monday to 188.2. In Mallorca, this is up from 159.7 to 178.7; in Minorca up from 322.0 to 326.2; in Ibiza up from 158.7 to 169.9; in Formentera down from 50.4 to 42.0. The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is up from 99.1 to 101.9.

On hospital wards, the number of Covid patients has decreased from 71 on Monday to 66 - Mallorca 53 (down four), Ibiza eleven (down one), Minorca two. In intensive care, the ICU occupancy rate, classified as low risk, has dropped from 7.9% on Monday to 7%. There are 24 Covid patients - 19 in Mallorca (down two), one in Ibiza (down one) and four in Minorca (no change).

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 2,414 people, an increase of 70 from Monday. The number in Mallorca is 1,855, an increase of 85.

The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic is 104,953 and the number of deaths is 1,019. The ministry has confirmed five more deaths, four of which relate to a revision of September's mortality data.

As to vaccination, 874,157 people have had at least one dose - 84.47% of the target population and 496 more than on Monday. With the complete course there are 856,810 people, 82.79% and 318 more.


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Juan / Hace 7 days

So many comments supporting refusal of the Vaccine - together with high covid rates and uncertainty.

Looks like Majorca is going the same way as Austria.


Rich / Hace 8 days

Don't forget that in May 2020 I predicted 'covid camps'. Austria are only one step away. I've noticed over the last 18 months how the voting on comments has changed, it seems that the shift is towards being against government intervention. I'm guessing it is still us lot who quite often comment rather than new commentators.


Juan / Hace 8 days

James That parroted statistic was relevant over a year ago - it as changed many times along with the rise and fall of cases. It also obviously not the same for every Country, as different countries have varying amounts of people classes as vulnerable. Also, not dying from Covid does not mean not suffering the effects of "long Covid", which are of course far higher.

It is very curious, the amount of people like you who claim those who are taking precautions are living in fear, when are too scared to even admit there is a virus.

It may may make your lives easier to pretend it isn't real, but unfortunately this will not make it simply go away.


Nigel / Hace 9 days

I am sorry Gabriel you do what all losers do, attack the person not the view. Regrettably there are those who suffer more than others, that is life, but I do wonder how old you are because James comes across as being in his 50/60's and I am in my 70's, we have forgotten more than you seem to know. Try accepting that experts are only a good as their experience, (the ex is a "has been", and a spert is a "drip of water under pressure"), then you might have a less extreme view of life, calm down and see that others may be more correct. No illness is pleasant and should be avoided, it spoils your day.


Gabriel / Hace 9 days

A colleague from Germany, after a year since he had it, is still going to doctors for analysis. Last was last week, a cat scan, as he still doesn't have taste or smell. A year. Anther has his lungs like he smoked for 20 years. Non smoker.


James / Hace 9 days

@Dan. Have a day off Dan. I don't use social media it's full of leftie guardian reading snowflakes moaning about everything and anything. You don't know my vaccination status and you shouldn't because it's nobody's business. I'm not denying anything, but I'm not living in fear about something 99.4% of people survive from.


Dan / Hace 9 days

James really needs to stop getting his information from Facebook. Literally repeating the same boring tropes time and time again on these sort of posts.

Basic facts:

Having covid whilst being asymptomatic may be fine for the sufferer, but it's not fine for those 1.6 people they're likely to infect and start a chain reaction of increasing infections. That's why we test - to break the chain reaction.

Vaccines aren't about 'deleting' the virus, they're about slowing it down and reducing it's effects. That's why the more people who don't get vaccinated, the more likely it is to keep spreading and potentially mutating. Every report you need will confirm that the majority of those dying or in ICU with covid now are unvaccinated.

People like you can keep burying your head in the sand about the virus, but all it really does it highlight what truly selfish, ignorant people you are.


Gabriel / Hace 9 days

@James pushing it to the extreme won't prove your point. This is not "who screams louder is right". I leave you alone, I was simply replying a PUBLIC comment (with arguments, not with sending you to bed and telling you what stations to watch - I don't have cable and I don't care for BBC, I'm not from the UK - ).


James / Hace 9 days

@Gabriel. OK mate if you say so. If you want to carry on the fear porn with the help of MDB you crack on. But leave the rest of us alone I have a business and a family to feed. So I'm not wrapping myself in bubble wrap hiding under the bedsheets and gaffer taping up the gaps around the windows and doors. None of us did it for Sars cov 1 so I'm not starting for sars cov 2. Enjoy your evening remember keep the BBC of the TV


Gabriel / Hace 9 days

@Nigel just because they are SARS viruses, it doesn't mean they are the same. The main thing that differentiates then is the way they spread. There is a difference even between the first, the 'Chinese version', and the delta or delta plus, that are way more contagious. So you can't balance them out because of this aspect. Because it's a difference if 2% die out of 250 million (with restrictions and vaccine) it 2% die out of 8 billion.