Testing in Menorca

The test rate is seven per cent.

26-11-2021Josep Bagur Gomila

The Friday report from the health ministry indicates 270 new positive cases of coronavirus. Down on Thursday by 52 compared with Wednesday, the number is up again - this time by 65. These figures are the highest since August.

Of the 270 cases, there are 186 in Mallorca, 61 in Minorca and 23 in Ibiza. Thursday's cases (205) were 148 Mallorca, 37 Minorca and 20 Ibiza. The test rate is up to 7%, having been 5.26% on Thursday and 6.41% on Wednesday.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics has risen from 211.9 to 217.3. In Mallorca it is up from 204.2 to 209.4; Minorca from 362.8 to 383.7; Ibiza is down from 175.2 to 174.5; Formentera down from 50.4 to 33.6. The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is up from 113.2 to 118.0.

On hospital wards there are 78 Covid patients - Mallorca 63 (up two), Ibiza eleven (down one) and Minorca four (no change). In intensive care, the ICU Covid occupancy rate is down from 6.4% to 6.1%. There are 21 Covid patients - Mallorca 17 (down one) and Minorca four (no change).

The number of primary care active cases is 2,874, an increase of 189. In Mallorca the number is 2,177, an increase of 129.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 104,820 cases and 1,023 deaths. The ministry reports two more deaths. Both of these relate to September and to Mallorca - a 72-year-old woman and one of 83.

A total of 858,788 people have had the complete course of vaccination (82.99% of the target population) - 522 more.


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Andrew / Hace 2 months

Can we please stop focusing on (or really even counting honestly) cases and start looking at only hospitalization (when the hospitals become inundated) and death? At some point we must normalize covid as we will live with this just like everything else. We no longer count cases of many other diseases/viruses. It simply just further perpetuates everyone's fears, when the vaccine has apparently lowered hospitalization and death overall anyway. We all get sick.

Further - with Merck and Pfizer pill coming out there will be a further 89% reduction in both...which should call for an end to the constant mandates/rules and overall suffering.


James / Hace 2 months

Why don't you post any of my comments?? Is it because it hits home to some home truth? Or doesn't it fit in with your far left wing narrative? I'm baffled that reporters don't want to report the truth. Only cut and paste propaganda. But in this day and age most people realise nothing is true journalism anymore.