The hope is that old ways can be recovered. | Archive

Inca town hall is urging the Council of Mallorca to create a new hiking route to connect Inca, Biniamar, Lloseta and Mancor de la Vall. In addition, this would link with the branch of the GR-221 dry-stone route from Mancor and with the section from Biniamar to Biniatzent.

The route would start in Inca and continue along the Camí Vell de Biniamar to the common in Selva. From there, it would connect with the path of the old route between Lloseta and Mancor that passes through Son Daviu, Son Frau, Biniatzent de Baix and Biniatzent de Dalt.

At this week's council meeting, it was pointed out that there are ways that are currently lost, closed or in the process of being closed. If they were to be recovered as hiking routes, they would not only be of benefit to walkers, they would also assist the inland economy in low-season months.

The Biniatzent way, which is in Mancor, is privately owned and is closed. It doesn't appear in Mancor's catalogue of ways, as it was removed in 2013. For Mancor town hall, which now wants to recover the way, the best option would be for the Council of Mallorca to seek to reach an agreement with the owner.

Selva and Alaro town halls have also passed council meeting motions regarding the route that has been proposed by Inca town hall. In Lloseta, the proposal is looked upon as being positive. There is hope that local ways, which the Council of Mallorca has confirmed are publicly owned, will be opened.

In Inca, one of the justifications for wanting this route is that Inca is an access point for the Tramuntana Mountains.