Cruise ship in Palma, Mallorca

There are negotiations regarding cruise ship limits.

29-11-2021Gabriel Alomar

The Yes to Cruise Ships platform is demanding that the Balearic government and Palma town hall "once and for all" give up looking to limit cruise tourism.

The group points out that in October 2019, the then president of the State Ports, Salvador de la Encina, stated that "Palma, by law, cannot limit the arrival of cruise ships". Therefore, the collective of pro-cruise ship entities wants the government and the town hall to explain the legal formula that they plan to apply for introducing limits, which are currently being negotiated.

"It is as if the government and the town hall want to say how many planes can arrive at the airports in the Balearics." The intention to limit cruise ships in Palma "could end up generating a situation of legal uncertainty that will affect the entire sector".

The cruise ship sector is important for the Balearic economy, as it "generates thousands of jobs". For this reason, it should be managed "seriously and rigorously".


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Marvin / Hace 2 months

I doubt very much that cruise ships docking in Palma create thousands of jobs. And it sounds to me that regulating the number of cruise ships that can dock at any one time is an attempt to apply “serious and rigorous” management.


Stephen / Hace 2 months

Once again Palma Council are up to its old tricks regarding NOT wanting TOURISTS in there city. Do they NOT understand that it IS we the Tourist that PAYS the wages of nearly 95% of the households that live and work in Palma, what are these residents going to do for work if tourist are told WE PALMA COUNCIL DONT want you spending your money in our City please go somewhere else. The councillors that say this must be Millionaires who dont need money to live, eat & survive . Get over yourselves and stop this NONSENSE you need Tourists to SERVIVE


Roger / Hace 2 months

The mentality of believing that there should be no limit on cruises, no limit on planes, no limit on anything might at first appear to be commercial utopia is very misguided and leads to the challenges associated with overtourism, a lack of water, power etc and a wholly unsustainable business model....self-interested parties who currently believe in the above need to get educated as fast as possible...but will they, only time will tell!!!