The PP have consistently called for the tourist tax to be scrapped. | Parlament de les Illes Balears

The Partido Popular opposition in the Balearics believe that the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation's demand that the tourist tax is suspended in 2022 is "logical". The sustainable tourism tax, sometimes also referred to as the ecotax, is - in the view of the PP's Nuria Riera - an "ecofarce".

At a Monday press conference at the Balearic parliament, Riera said that just as it was logical for the hoteliers to want to eliminate the tax, so it was also "logical that the new coordinator of Més, Lluís Apesteguia, should call for it".

Riera added that the government "has been totally discredited" after sponsoring the Los 40 Music Awards with tourist tax funds, while it has been shown that the sustainable tourism tax is neither "eco" nor a tax. It exists to fill the box of resources that President Armengol needs for "the structure she has in the government".

The PP's deputy spokesperson noted that the PP have called for the tax to be eliminated on numerous occasions. But while it exists, "it should be used for the purposes for which it was introduced in 2016".