Protest on Monday against the Covid passport. | Click

Some 500 people took part in a demonstration in Palma on Monday against the Covid certificate being a requirement to enter bars and restaurants.

Victor Sánchez, the organiser of various previous protests against Balearic government measures directed at the hospitality industry, said that this requirement is unconstitutional. It is against Article 14 of the Constitution, as he maintains that it would be contrary to the right to privacy.

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Those taking part in the protest, he added, "are free souls who do not want their rights and freedoms to be compromised". He insisted that even requesting the certificate would be illegal. Therefore, he, as a restaurant proprietor, will not be asking his customers for the certificate. His lawyer has assured him that it is illegal and that he would be committing a crime, even if the measure obtains the approval of the Balearic High Court.

Sánchez stated that if the high court ratifies the use of the Covid passport, there will be another protest. "We will return to the streets, because it is unconstitutional. You cannot request a Covid passport on private property, and we do not want to be complicit in a crime."

He also pointed out that owners of establishments might not be vaccinated.