Council of Minorca meeting on Monday. | Gemma Andreu

In Minorca, the 14-day cumulative incidence is significantly higher than it is elsewhere in the Balearics. While the incidence for the Balearics as a whole is 248.3, in Minorca it is 444.4. Mallorca has the second highest incidence - 240.6.

Because of this higher incidence, Minorca is likely to be placed on health alert two as from next Monday. This is for the use of the Covid certificate; it doesn't entail other measures.

At a Monday meeting with mayors and business leaders, the president of the Council of Minorca, Susana Mora, and the government's minister for European funds, Miquel Company (who is from Minorca), explained that, as well as premises covered under health alert one, health alert two will cover refuges, hostels and other tourist establishments with rooms for shared use.

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As to other measures under health alert one, which apply on all the islands, these include the obligatory wearing of masks in gyms and dance academies, a capacity limit of 80 per cent for cultural events in closed spaces (other than theatres and auditoriums), and a maximum of 3,000 spectators at outdoor sports events.