Francina Armengol, Balearic President. | Ultima Hora

During the plenary session of Parliament, PP spokesperson, Antoni Costa, asked the the Balearic President, Francina Armengol to commit to not imposing further restrictions on the Hospitality Industry.

"In order not to make restrictions, we have to control and urge vaccination,” replied President Armengol.

Costa encouraged the unvaccinated population to have their jabs and also spoke about the Government's request to use the Covid Passport for access to hotels with capacity for more than 50 people.

“We accept preventive and incentive measures such as the Covid Passport in exchange for not imposing further restrictions on the hospitality industry or restricting freedom.” said Costa.

Armengol reproaching the PP for not asking about the pandemic in Parliament for more than 6 months.

"We have been able to reactivate the economy through the social shield, including aid to companies of 855 million euros that we have received and has been paid in full," said Armengol.

“In the communities where PP governs the same has happened with state aid and they have had to partially return them. Castilla y León has stopped distributing 75%, Murcia 70%, Galicia 50% and Andalusia 40%. That is the PP's way of managing, always against the citizens it has to serve."

President Armengol also pointed out that the Covid Passport extension had already been agreed by social and economic parties.