Rise in the number of first doses across Spain. | Efe (Nacho Gallego)

Over the past month, the number of people in the Balearics receiving the first dose of Covid vaccine has doubled. On October 29, there were were 239 doses, while there were 494 on November 29. As for second doses, there has been little variation - 248 on October 29 and 255 a month later.

This suggests a response to the government's requirement for the Covid certificate for bars and restaurants. The cabinet approved this on Monday (November 29), but it had been signalled in advance. In the Balearics, some 871,000 Covid certificates have been obtained, 11,500 of them since Monday.

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Specialist in public health and preventive medicine, Joan Carles March, points to there having been increased demand for vaccination across Spain - 72,000 first doses have been administered over the past week, 25 per cent more than the previous seven days. He attributes this to rising cumulative incidence rates, which may well also be a factor in the Balearics.

March notes that the daily vaccination rate peaked at the end of July. It had progressively slowed down to the end of October, when an increase started to occur. This may also have been because of rumours of new restrictive measures, while there has been some pressure in work environments for people to be vaccinated. In addition, there is the proximity of the holidays this month, which will mean family gatherings and travel.