Couple flew to Palma from South Africa via Germany. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Microbiology Service at Son Espases Hospital in Palma, Mallorca, is analysing samples from a couple who landed in Mallorca from South Africa after a stopover in Frankfurt, following the activation of the protocol for suspected Covid-19 variant of the Omicron virus.

As reported by the Balearic Ministry for Health, the couple has remained isolated since landing.

The couple, they explained, made a stopover in Frankfurt where, as per protocol as they came from South Africa, an antigen test was carried out, which was negative, so they were able to continue to Palma, their final destination.

However, on arrival at Son Sant Joan and following the protocol activated by the Foreign Health Service, in a second antigen test one of the two tested positive, so both remain in isolation awaiting the result of the PCR tests that will determine the variant.

The results are expected to be known between later afternoon and tomorrow.