Healthcare Professional being given Covid booster jab. | Carlos Barba


Hundreds of Healthcare workers have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 despite seeing the ravages of the disease first hand and Hospital Managers are asking for it to be mandatory for them to have a negative PCR test before they can work.

The Ministry of Health is considering whether to accept the request in order to make sure hospitals and health centres are safe. The presence of unvaccinated health workers puts the workers and the patients at risk.

According to Government data, 520 unvaccinated Healthcare Professionals are on the front line of the fight against Covid.

Covid booster jabs are now being administered to Healthcare Professionals and the Government hopes that those who are not vaccinated will get theirs.

People cannot be forced to take a PCR test to go to work, but the Government is convinced the Superior Court of Justice in the Balearic Islands, or TSJIB will agree to make it compulsory for Healthcare Professionals to have a PCR test before going to work.