Ibiza Nursing Home resident getting booster jab. | Ultima Hora

The Covid booster vaccine has made a massive difference at Nursing Homes in the Balearic Islands.

Before Healthcare Professionals started administering the third dose of the vaccine in September, 57 people were infected and 47 were in hospital, now 6 people are infected and 2 are in hospital.

“The increase in cases experienced in the Balearic Islands in recent weeks has not translated into a serious increase infections in Nursing Homes for the elderly,” said Deputy Director of Chronicity, Estefanía Serratusell.

As of December 2, 0.13% of residents and 0.31% of workers in Nursing Homes have tested positive for Covid and 88.71% of Nursing Home residents have had their third dose of the Covid vaccine.

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"It increases your immune response to Covid-19 infection and reduces the risk of serious suffering from the disease and hospitalisation," said Serratusell.

The combined Covid booster jab and flu vaccine have been available to those over 60 who don’t live in Nursing Homes since November 4 and according to IB-Salut, 109,373 people have already been injected.

Serratusell stressed that in this age group the cumulative incidence rate is 189.96 per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days, whereas in the Balearic Islands as a whole, there are 276.83 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

"For a few weeks the epidemiological situation has been getting worse in the Balearic Islands," she admitted, but pointed out that the booster is delivering the expected results.

IB-Salut says vaccination of children between 5 and 11 years old will begin as soon as the Ministry of Health gives authorisation and provides the necessary doses.