Health minister Patricia Gómez. | Efe

At a Friday press conference, Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, highlighted the increase in the number of new daily cases of coronavirus - 219 more than on Thursday to a total of 564, the highest since August - but stressed that "fortunately, there is no hospital pressure at the moment".

The minister, who has been saying for some weeks that the government focuses as much on the situation with the health service (hospital and primary care demands) as it does on the number of cases, outlined the current state of play regarding health alerts on the islands and how these affect the application of the Covid passport.

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Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, where the 14-day incidence rates as of Friday were 287, 219 and 67 respectively, are at level one. The passport is therefore needed for discos and for bars, restaurants and similar with indoor capacities of fifty or more. This capacity also applies to catering facilities in tourist accommodation, sports facilities, recreational centres for the elderly and gambling venues.

In Minorca, the incidence rate is 498. Far higher than the other islands and the Balearic average of 293, Minorca is at level three. This means the same as level one, plus hostels, refuges and other tourist accommodation where there are rooms for shared use as well as cinemas, circus tents and other places where cultural activities are held if eating and drinking are permitted by these establishments. In addition, the certificate will be needed for gyms and dance academies.

While there isn't pressure on hospitals in general, the intensive care occupancy rate in Minorca is classified as high risk. The rate is 18.5%, whereas for the Balearics as a whole it is 8.5% (low risk).