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The president of a local association is arguing that a planned solar park to supply the Son Vida Hotel and the Son Quint golf course in Palma is "totally unnecessary and legally unfeasible".

Joan Prats of the Associació Son Quint-Parc Natural de Ponent believes that the roofs of the hotel (where there are some panels already) and unused areas of the golf course would be more appropriate for the installation - 3,954 panels in all. As it is, the plan envisages there being a solar park on the Son Quint finca, which is a natural area of special interest.

As presented to the Balearic Environment Commission, the park would be located in old quarries on the finca and would therefore be a project to reuse land that has been abandoned and has become degraded. In this regard, it would be feasible under the master plan for the Balearics energy sector.

The project, Prats concedes, recognises that the quarries are in an area of special interest, but he rejects the claim that there are no listed assets of heritage interest.