Pupils at a school in Minorca. | Josep Bagur Gomila

Balearic health minister, Patricia Gómez, said on Friday that, "in principle", the Covid vaccination of five to eleven-year-olds will begin on Wednesday (December 15). This is the scheduled date, but it does depend on when vaccines are delivered.

Children with serious disease, such as cancer, will be the first to receive the vaccine, as will children in the nine to eleven age range. The full plan will be presented on Monday, explained Gómez, who emphasised that there will not be vaccination in schools.

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There are some 83,000 children aged five to eleven in the Balearics. Their vaccination, added the minister, will give "greater security" for schools and for the wider society. The vaccine will help to prevent children from getting sick and to ensure that school activity is "as normal as possible".

Gómez also announced changes to the Covid protocol for primary schools. These relate to testing of children who have been quarantined when two positive cases are detected. There will be two tests, one after 48 hours and the other when the quarantine period is due to end.

The minister acknowledged that Covid incidence among primary school age children is high, but she stressed that there is no secondary transmission within schools and that schools are safe.