Covid passport now needed for health workers. | Pere Bota


The Balearic High Court has approved the government's request for the Covid certificate to be a requirement for health workers and for entering bars and cafeterias with capacity of 50 or more.

With health workers, the court has adopted the same criteria that already apply to care homes. It therefore believes that requiring proof of double vaccination or three weekly tests is appropriate for health personnel: "The pandemic situation is persistent, and we are immersed in the sixth wave, which has produced an increase in infections."

The court highlights the fact that health professionals play an "essential role in society" and that they have done "immeasurable work" since the pandemic broke out. "A very significant number have contracted the virus and, unfortunately, some have also died. Their role places them on the front line of combat against the pandemic."

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Thus, the court argues that the freedom of unvaccinated health workers must be reconciled with the "life and health of others", adding that the fact that they will undergo tests gives security to their colleagues and patients. "The inconvenience of these tests is low and the inconvenience of repeatedly submitting to these tests is justified by the seriousness of the pandemic situation, the consequences that this disease can cause to those who contract it and the need to protect patients."

The court has established that tests will not involve any financial outlay by those health workers who need them.

As to the certificate for bars, the court points out that greater clarity has been given to the existing regulations. These raised questions about which premises should require it and which ones should not. The court concludes that this is a proportionate measure that does not limit equality or harm the privacy of citizens, as the storage of data is prohibited.

Measures will take effect from this Saturday and will be in force until January 24.