Nothing like this for the party night. | Archive

Palma town hall has announced that it will not be authorising barbecues on the night of 19 January, the party night for the Sant Sebastià fiestas.

The town hall, which has been concerned about gatherings of people at the barbecues, points to Covid regulations for eating and drinking services. These mean sitting at a table and observation of distance of one and a half metres between groups. As it is traditional for people to be standing when eating at the barbecues, which the regulations "clearly" state cannot be the case, the town hall believes that compliance with the regulations cannot be guaranteed.

As for outdoor bars, the town hall explains that the regulations indicates that those in the bar and restaurant sector can be authorised with the intention of "moving the activity of the establishment to the open air".

On other days, barbecues will be allowed, so long as there is authorisation. Documentation related to this is available on the town hall's website -

The town hall has made clear that the wearing of masks on the party night will be obligatory, given that it is a mass event.