Anti-vaccine protesters. | Pere Bota


The National Police has opened an investigation into the offer appearing in a Telegram channel of an anti-vaccine group in the Islands to get a fake COVID certificate for 550 euros. This offer appears in a public channel of the Baleares Acción group and now it will be investigated who is behind this offer of fake certificates.

In the Telegram group it says that all you need to do is digitally replicate the French documentation in the name of a person who does not want to be vaccinated. In France there are already hundreds of open investigations and numerous arrests for cases similar to the one now proposed in Balears.

The Balearic authorities state that the creation of this false COVID passport is a criminal offence in Spain as it is forgery of public document. The Spanish Penal Code sets penalties of between six months and three years in prison for this fraudulent use of official documentation. They can also be punished with large fines.

A series of messages have appeared on Telegram, providing guidance on how to simulate a vaccination with three doses of Pfizer with the name and address of the holder and the corresponding QR code. This fraud allows unvaccinated persons to have a fake document which allows them entry to places where the COVID certificate is now required. It is very likely that the necessity of the certificate will increase in the coming weeks as it is the Government's strategy to encourage the resistant to get vaccinated.

The anti-vaccine collective of Balearics is a minority, but it is increasingly active, as the administrations are making life more complicated for them and expanding the spaces where it will be essential to present the COVID pass. Their rallies are regular, but they are attended by only about 300 people. The health authorities estimate that the anti-vaccine group represents 3% of the total population of the Islands, that is, just over 3,000 people.