The client will receive compensation. | Pixabay

A hairdresser in Palma has been sentenced to pay a fine of 120 euros for assaulting a client who was furious to see how his hair had turned out after the cut performed by the accused. The hairdresser will also have to compensate the victim with 300 euros as civil liability. The sentence states that the defendant hit the client with a chair and also hit the him with his hand, the defendant suffered several injuries that took ten days to heal.

The facts date back to May 22 of last year. The injured party went to the hairdresser's where the man worked to get a haircut. During the work being done by the professional, the client showed his dissatisfaction with the way it was looking, arguing that it was not what he expected. The two began to argue and, as the sentence states, the stylist hit him with a chair and also with his hand.

During the hearing, held at the magistrate's court in Palma, the defendant explained that he also suffered injuries when the client hit a shelf and a blade fell to the floor, which caused a cut on his foot. The judge found no evidence that this occurred and acquitted the injured party. The hairdresser has been sentenced to pay a fine of 120 euros as the perpetrator of a minor injury offense. He will also compensate the victim with 300 euros.