Balearic Government session, President Armengol will attend today's online, due to testing positive for Covid. | UH

The Balearic Islands will find out today which measures and actions the Government is going to implement to contain the current wave of coronavirus infections after the meeting of the autonomous Presidents yesterday, where it was confirmed that the mask will be law again outdoors in Spain, with some nuances, exceptions and temporarily.

Both before and after the meeting, the Government expressed its clear position against adopting new restrictions, emphasising the generalised weariness of the public. The ministers expressed bluntly that they are not willing to do so; rather, they hope to increase vaccination and perhaps expand the use of the COVID passport in different areas or reduce capacity.

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In his public appearance, Government spokesperson, Iago Negueruela insisted on the health recommendations already known for the upcoming Christmas holidays, which are along the lines of limiting social contacts to small and stable groups and ask that unvaccinated people do not attend such meetings, nor those who have symptoms compatible with those of the COVID. "We must be very careful," said the politician.

And this despite the fact that, as he himself acknowledged, the current wave of COVID is not the same as those experienced in the past, while infections are rampant and hospital pressure is fortunately lower, for example, than what we had to suffer last August or Christmas 2020.

It is expected that the meeting to discover what is in store for the Islands will start at 10.00 a.m., to analyse the content of the meeting of the presidents, as well as what Pedro Sanchez himself said at the press conference.