In reference to the bank bailout, Més assures that "we will not allow the case of Air Europa to become another ruinous business for the majority and lucrative for the privileged few". | Redaccion Local

Més per Mallorca wants the State Government to "create a publicly managed airline from the acquisition of Air Europa" and then transfer it to the Balearic Islands.

A purchase that Més propose to materialise through the conversion into shares of the public money that has already been granted to the company. "The State has put on the table almost 475 million public euros that have to serve to save Air Europa, not to turn it into a business opportunity for Iberia," explained the deputy spokesman of Més in the Parliament, Josep Ferrà.

The new public airline "could keep its headquarters in Llucmajor, thus ensuring the preservation of the largest possible number of jobs," added Ferrà. The proposal to be debated in Parliament also warns that "a possible acquisition of Air Europa by Iberia would produce a de facto monopolistic scenario in the Balearic Islands, making the supply of flights, routes, frequencies and also the price of tickets almost completely controlled by a single company," added Més sources.

"The crisis suffered by Air Europa and the context of crisis within the airline industry must be perceived as an excellent opportunity to turn this airline into a viable public airline with a business model based on a quality service, with reasonable prices and that can guarantee the inter-island connectivity, with the Peninsula and Europe", reads the non-legislative proposal that Més per Mallorca has registered in the Parliament to be debated in the next plenary session.

And in this proposal, Més also urges the State to transfer the competences in port and airport management to the Govern "to adapt the management to the economic and environmental challenges".