A total of 919,764 people have been fully vaccinated | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ministry of Health today reported 1,053 new cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours in the Balearics, taking the total number of cases detected since the pandemic began to 122,316 in the region.

The number of deaths remains at 1,053.

The cumulative incidence over the last 14 days has risen to 904 per 100,000 inhabitants. By islands, Minorca is where it is highest, with 972 cases per 100,000; followed by Mallorca with 916, Ibiza with 840 and Formentera with 243.

Of the 1,053 cases detected on the last day, 916 were in Mallorca, 110 in Menorca, 41 in Ibiza and 3 in Formentera. There are also 74 cases not assigned to a specific island.

A total of 919,764 people have been fully vaccinated, including those who have received the booster dose, 65 more than the day before, 82.18% of the population aged 5 and over.

According to the latest available data from Friday 24th, hospitals are treating 218 patients on the ward with covid-19 and 55 in intensive care.

The occupancy of the critical care units stood at 16.13%, which represents a high risk.