Grants for vehicles and for charging-points. | Efe

The Balearic government has asked the Spanish government for an increase in funding for grants to buy electric vehicles.

Under the Moves III plan, the Balearics received a total of 9.3 million euros from the state in July. The Balearic government has so far had 869 applications, totalling 7.7 million. Of these, 193 have been for grants for charging points, for which there are three million euros out of the 9.3 million euros.

The size of the grant varies according to vehicle. It is between 4,500 and 7,000 euros for a car; this is to replace one that is a minimum of seven years old. For vans, up to 9,000 euros are available. The amount also differs according to whether the application is by a business or by a private individual. The bulk of the requests have come from individuals