A tent was set up in Camp Redó.


Over the Christmas period, there have been numerous calls to Palma police complaining about noise. These have most notably been in the Camp Redó, La Soledad and Son Gotleu districts, where police have apparently not been responding to the calls.

A resident in Son Gotleu accepts that it is the festive period and that allowance has to be made for this. "But not at three, four or five in the morning and with the music louder than at Son Fusteret concerts. We call the police and they don't come directly. They don't dare set foot in Son Gotleu. Are they afraid?"

In Camp Redó, a tent was set up in the street without authorisation. Residents complain of music blaring until the small hours, of bonfires, and of parties without safe distance or the wearing of masks. In La Soledad, walls were "reverberating" around four in the morning. "I called the police five times and they didn't appear."

It is understood that on the night of the 23rd into Christmas Eve, police officers told the duty inspector that it was impossible to do anything in parts of Camp Redó and Son Gotleu due to "legal regulations" and insufficient police numbers. When officers went, they were insulted and threatened.

Opposition parties at the town hall say that they will be quizzing Mayor José Hila and the councillor for public security, Joana Maria Adrover, about all this.