Intensive care occupancy rate is going up. | Teresa Ayuga


The Balearic health ministry reports 736 new positive cases on Monday. There are 688 cases in Mallorca, 37 in Ibiza, eight in Minorca and three in Formentera. These are 300 fewer than on Sunday, when there were 902 in Mallorca, 79 in Minorca, 52 in Ibiza, and three in Formentera. The lower number on Monday can be attributed to a lack of testing on Sunday.

The test rate is 19.09%; it was 20.83% on Sunday. The seven-day positivity test rate is up from 13.53% on Saturday to 14.85%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is up to 943.5 from 904.4 on Saturday. In Mallorca, it is up from 916.6 to 952.9; Minorca up from 972.4 to 995.4; Ibiza 840.4 to 905.6; Formentera 243.6 to 285.6. The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is down from 449.9 to 440.2.

The number of Covid patients on wards having increased by ten (compared with Friday) on Sunday, there is a further increase of six - 234 in all; Mallorca 203 (up two), Ibiza 22 (up five), Minorca nine (down one).

In intensive care, the Covid occupancy rate has risen to 18.18% with 62 patients - Mallorca 53 (seven more than on Sunday), Minorca five (no change), Ibiza four (down one).

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 15,332 people, 957 more than on Sunday. In Mallorca there are 12,391 people, an increase of 2,167 since Friday last week.

Total cases since the start of the pandemic now stand at 123,447. The number of deaths, unchanged since Friday, is 1,053.

Vaccination - 948,544 people have had at least one dose (84.76% of the target population), 1,729 more than on Thursday last week. With the complete course there are 919,821 people (82.19%), 905 more.