A development in Cala Romantica that was halted for more than ten years. | Patricia Lozano


The amendments to Mallorca's territorial plan, passed by the Council of Mallorca on Wednesday, mean that future housing growth in the island's municipalities cannot include detached houses.

The councillor for territory, Maria Antònia Garcias, explained on Wednesday that the plan requires "minimum density of 40 inhabitants per hectare". New developments will therefore have to be "compact", be in keeping with the characteristics of individual municipalities, and be town houses (or apartments).

This will only affect new developments, with possibilities for urban growth in municipalities having been reduced by 30%, except in Palma, Inca and Manacor, where it is 20%. For Mallorca as a whole, the plan cuts growth from 5.45 to 3.22% and all growth will be suspended in municipalities where there is existing developable land.

Garcias added: "We are an island territory. Land is a scarce asset that must be preserved from excessive growth. All decisions have been taken in agreement with the affected municipalities."

Opposition parties all voted against the plan, with the exception of El Pi, who abstained. Llorenç Galmés of the Partido Popular observed that limitations and prohibitions "do not respond to the needs of Mallorca". "No solution has been offered to address the housing shortage. Without available urban land, the increase in prices will continue."