Silent Night at midnight,

Silent Night at midnight.


It was more a question of Silent Night in Palma´s Plaza Cort than New year celebrations. Dozens of people gathered in the main city square infront of the town hall to ring in the New Year....but it all went silent at midnight and a right ding dong has erupted.

Revellers said that the midnight bells from the main city hall clock didn´t ring meanwhile the council said that they did ring but they were quieter than usual!!

The whole episode meant that some people didn´t even finish their lucky grapes because the bells failed to chime!


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Juan / Hace 16 days

Varant Of course everyone has a right to, and nobody is saying you shouldn't. The point is you shouldn't HAVE to for something so blatantly obvious.


Peter / Hace 17 days

Here you go Ryan, lets see what you can say about this.


Varant / Hace 17 days

I can’t recall seeing anyone on this forum claiming that the majority of hospitalisations were due to the vaccinated but then again maybe I missed something.

As for not having to fact check, I beg to defer; it is a democratic right and a perfectly logical thing to do as Juan quite rightfully points out there is a lot of garbage and lies being broadcast across the globe.

Finally, I fully agree that we all need to use common sense which has been lacking in large doses over the past years. Just take a look at the link below; it is rather long but extremely well articulated and presented. Then use your common sense and make up your own mind.


Juan / Hace 17 days

Those who ignorantly and idly still claim the majority of hospitalisations are from the vaccinated, are part of the problem. You don't have to fact check, you don't have to spend hours looking at reputable statistics to be told the obvious and you don't need a weatherman to tell you when it's pissing down - you just need to use a bit of common sense and stop listening to the latest toxic, propaganda spewing scum on many Internet forums nowadays.

Don't be a prick, get the jab.


Fred / Hace 17 days

Sept 2021 32 times for likely to die unvaccinated, the figures are higher now. How can you be so thick. Di you think the world is flat?


Ryan / Hace 17 days

That is a report from Dec-sept last year when majority of people where unvaccinated, show me a recent report… why do you think they have stopped reporting on the numbers of people vaxxed or unvaxxed cause it goes against the narrative… keep going Fred you got nothing


Fred / Hace 17 days

British nedical journal and about 1000 other scientific papers, in fact the unvaxed % in hospital is nearer 85%, but hey Ryan if you choose to ignore the facts and get your stats from the Beano then what else do you expect.


Ryan / Hace 17 days

No need to start calling people names… please show me the stats to back up your claim that 80% of all cases and hospitalisation are from unvaxxed.. the majority of people o know who currently have Covid are vaccinated… sorry for your loss Fred but I would take a guess to say that they died from a combination of age, poor health and co morbidities.. why don’t you blame the health care system for not implementing early treatment which has been proven highly successful but has been squashed as they fear it will cause vaccine hesitancy as everyone will see the disease is easily treatable in the early stages.. but no they tell you to sit at home until you require admission to the icu.. the best chance at treating any virus is time.. the earlier the treatment the more effective it is… wake up.. just because MDB is pushing a certain narrative doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to comment against welcome to free speech


Fred / Hace 18 days

Ps Dickheads, you are on the wrong site. The MDB is very pro vaccination and run editorials about how selfish anti vaxers are. I suggest you both jog off and go to Piers Corbyn's website or some other looney tune site. You aren't wanted here losers.


Fred / Hace 18 days

Its because of imbeciles like Ryan and Varant that our hospitals are under pressure. How dare these dickheads preach to me when ive had two family members die from this virus. Utter filth, rot in hell.